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List of the Best Mortgage CRM Software’s to Grow Your Mortgage Business

“Customer Satisfaction is Worthless; Customer Loyalty is Priceless” – Jeffrey Gitomer

The mortgage industry has been a happening industry. Dealing with people, maintaining and nurturing customer relationships, retaining trust in your borrowers, process simplification, enhancing stakeholder engagement etc. forms the crux of this domain. CRM for mortgage brokers serves best when it comes to a software solution that caters to these objectives. The best mortgage CRM solution assists in augmenting mortgage business by attracting newer clients and retaining existing ones, by getting more business from them. The database maintained by the CRM is the ideal way to build your customer base, with least expenditure.

Best Mortgage CRM Software

78% percentage of homes purchased with a mortgage in 2018

How to Select the Best CRM for Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers?

How to find out the best CRM for mortgage loan officers and brokers is always a tough decision to make. This is because the industry is flooding with CRM solutions, each one with a specific set of functionalities that almost all industries need, but a very few with functionalities that are specific to the mortgage industry. The mortgage industry has a very specific association with its customers and that is what the CRM needs to cater to, on a priority.

Here are certain questions that need to be answered, before choosing this CRM for mortgage professionals:

  • Is the entire process to view and track applications simplified?
  • Is there an adequate monitoring of campaigns, promotions etc.?
  • Is there an effective alerts / reminders system for effective time management?
  • Is there a proper defined process for attracting new prospects and managing existing clients?
  • Is the software in line with the compliance standards?
  • Is the solution competent enough to increase the lead conversion rate?

Best Mortgage CRM Software 2

List of Best Mortgage CRM Software Solutions, Apt for the Industry

Mortgage iQ


Key Features:

  • Quick action menus that allow loan officers to navigate through their most common tasks with a single click
  • Partner relationship management including helping lenders, officers, realtors etc.
  • Built-in dashboards and reporting technology
  • Seamless third-party data sources & software application integration
  • Tracking lead to contact management effectively and swiftly
  • Immediate access to borrowers, loans, partners etc.
  • Powerful content management system



Key Features:

  • Automated mortgage marketing and management tool
  • Lead conversion marketing and digital loan platform
  • Growing mortgage content database
  • Team collaboration, communication and integrated lead distribution platform
  • Borrower and partners management
  • Collaboration tools, surveys, email and SMS marketing automation
  • Customized design for digital mortgage apps
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Personalized promotional material to develop client relationships



Key Features:

  • Ideal for enterprises with a large client base to manage and monitor
  • Built on Salesforce CRM to offer customization needed by lenders
  • Addition of the Jungo app adds the mortgage related functionality and workflow needed
  • Referral partner relationship tracking, evaluation and analytics
  • Customizable workflows and calendar management
  • Automated email marketing operations
  • Robust integrations with other third-party systems
  • Post-close campaigns with elective concierge correspondences
  • Lead captures from different systems

Big Purple Dot


 Key Features:

  • Powerful mortgage and real estate management software for lenders & realtors
  • Lead management, partner collaboration, SMS / mail marketing
  • Call tracking and recording / consumer direct 1003
  • Automated lead distribution
  • Tools for automated pre and post-sale marketing
  • Synchronization of the whole team on the go
  • Built by industry professionals
  • Staying connected to other important apps

Surefire CRM


 Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with many apps (more than a thousand)
  • Its intake online 1003 app creates its own customized link for each user and alerts you when a novel app is submitted
  • Availability of dynamic in-process videos that are mechanically send when the client hits certain loan markers
  • Exceptional customer service and educational features to make it stand apart
  • A standard set of features with additional functionality getting added as the team grows
  • Segment lists to deliver personalized content to the right people
  • Mobile app to take your contacts on the go
  • Flyer design and co-branded marketing with referral partners
  • Interactive tools, games, and calculators

MyCRMDashboard Mortgage CRM


Key Features:

  • Intuitive, cloud-based mortgage CRM meant especially for residential lenders
  • Easy to use SaaS based automated marketing solution
  • Vendor management functionality to help lenders increase customer retention, make new opportunities and decrease cost factors to originate loans
  • Managing amortization schedules, commercial mortgages, client databases, closing documents etc.
  • Government loans, loan origination, servicing etc.
  • Pipeline management, refinance management for mortgages
  • Easy recording of activities and follow-ups with instant scheduling
  • Integrated online storefronts

Genial CRM


Key Features:

  • Available on the cloud and under packaged solutions
  • Serves well as a loan officer CRM software as well as a mortgage broker CRM solution
  • Effective management of pre and post sales, task management, forecast and expense reimbursement in enterprises
  • Handles admin & security with ease and offers forecasting trends to help decision making
  • Excellent dashboard and alert notifications available to provide close and effective communication
  • Lead and opportunity management with various analytical reports which can be exported in pdf / csv
  • Complaint log maintenance and assignment
  • Claim expenses and document management

“When you treat customers right, they come back…and they tell others.” – Shep Hyken

There are many CRM solutions that claim to be useful to the mortgage industry. But the above ones have proven their mettle by serving a wide range of clientele. Depending upon the size of organization, functional needs, budgeting plans and timelines, organizations can choose the best mortgage CRM solution as well as the service provider.

Apart from Genial Mortgage CRM, our other range of products like Genial LERP, Genial Helpdesk, Genial Track My Shipment, Genial Workmate BOT are leveraging latest technology advancements and have an esteemed clientele, experiencing its effectiveness.

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