We have developed various customized products to take care of your needs.

Genial CRM

Genial CRM is the tool which is available on cloud as well as on premises under Package solutions. This tool will help us to manage Pre Sales, Post Sales, Task Management, Forecast and Expense reimbursement in Organization.

Genial LERP

Genial LERP is lighter version which enables Organization to take technological advantages in their business. This is Cloud based as well as on premises package solution. This Tool helps to manage Procurement process, Sales process, Inventory management and financial processes.

Genial Helpdesk

This Tool provide to maintain Post-sales support. This solution enables to generate ticket and track it’s activity. Moreover, we can generate AMC Quotation and send to the customer.

Genial Track My Shipment

Track My Shipment is a Mobile application which enables user to track their shipment. This tool provide current location of the shipment, history of all the shipments, analysis on trip etc.

Genial Workmate BOT

Workmate BOT is the tool for the professions as well as the industries who are looking for document management and worried about large amount of data backup and it’s security. Workmate BOT will send remainder to user so statuary compliance will be achieved within time constraint.