Cost-effective Custom CRM – “Genial CRM”

Genial CRM is a cost-effective software solution. The solution can help you to take a technological advantage in the customer relationship process. We all know that great CRM will help us to improve Sales and Customer satisfaction.

Genial CRM is the best-fit Custom CRM solution for MSMEs and SMEs. The Genial CRM solution can be scale-up with your growth. Spontaneous will also customize the Genial CRM solution to achieve the critical success of the client’s business.

The Genial CRM solution is available as an on-premises custom software solution. You can access the Genial CRM on the cloud too. Easy to understand and user-friendly layout enables the user to perform daily activities.

The mobile application gives user mobility and accessibility of data anywhere from the world.

Pre Sales

Get top to bottom pre-sales activities on the powerful dashboard. You can have a crystal clear picture of your sales. You can short opportunities won and lost, plans an appointment, assign the task, send quotations. Filter and short lead and opportunity data by customer, lead source, prospect value, owner and territory wise.

To-Do “Task Management”

Activities analysis, efforts analysis, and resource analysis are on the powerful graphical dashboard. The Genial CRM will send an adequate email update to the team with the latest information on ongoing tasks. The interactive calendar is available for task analysis.


The Genial Custom CRM software solution will provide an efficient tool to manage forecast. Create and manage forecast on the calendar year wise as well as on financial year wise. The bottom-up forecast mechanism is available according to the hierarchy of the organization. Many customized reports solution is ready for better analysis.

My Dues – Expense Management

Day to Day expense and its record can be maintained. The custom approval workflow is available to accelerate the approval process. Territory wise revenue flow is ready for the analysis on a useful dashboard. Hierarchy-wise and region-wise pay configuration tools are available in the Genial custom CRM Software.

Key Benefits of the Genial CRM

The Genial CRM software has quick adaptability so the spontaneous team can respond faster even in the customization process. User-friendly and powerful dashboard for understanding business scenarios. On the cloud as well as an on-premises server The Genial CRM is available. We provide an innovate solution in CRM to accelerate your CRM Strategies. With web access, there is a mobile application for the Genial CRM that gives mobility and accessibility to the user.

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