Manage effectively Post-Sales Support – “Genial Helpdesk”

Happy customers are the asset of any business. They help you to generate more business. Let enjoy the valuable customer delight of your service using The Genial Helpdesk. Where you can manage service requests, AMC and Support team performance effectively. The genial helpdesk is a customized helpdesk software solution. The custom genial helpdesk is a best-fit software solution for the system integrator and machinery manufacturers.

The custom helpdesk software solution is a powerful tool for support service providers. Powerful dashboard which enables you to give the best after-sales service.


“An agreement between you and your valuable customer for support to maintain their asserts” – called SLA / AMC. It’s very comfortable to prepare and submit SLA / AMC using the Genial Helpdesk. The Customized Genial Helpdesk software tool enables you to manage all parameters of the AMC like T&C, payment schedule, asserts. You can configure price books to control rates and workflow for approval. A powerful dashboard provides information for renewal and payment collection.


A ticket is a very significant object of any helpdesk software solution. That enables you to give the best services in your business.

Our helpdesk ticket management enables you to automate processes that are the best managed through configurable system resources. Genial Helpdesk helps your support team to focus on engaging customers and helping them get the most out of your product or services.

Price Book

A unique feature of the Genial Helpdesk solution that enables you and your team to prepare AMC / SLA with a multilevel rate management logic. You can configure the rate according to the sales region and designation.

Parts Management

Effectively manage replacement in comprehensive and non-comprehensive tickets. Vendor and customer warranty management and parts tracking are available in Genial Helpdesk.

Key Benefits of the Genial Helpdesk

The Genial Helpdesk solution is the best fit solution for a system instigators, engineering service industry. Genial Helpdesk has an adaptive structure that enables us to do rapid customization in our core module too. Powerful dashboard for close communication with teammates and to share real-time information.

The genial Helpdesk software solution will help you to process invoicing and payment collection. Effectively tack the replacement inventory at the client-side as well as the vendor end.

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