Genial Light ERP (LERP)

Genial LERP is lighter version which enables Organization to take technological advantages in their business. This is Cloud based as well as on premises package solution. This Tool helps to manage Procurement process, Sales process, Inventory management and financial processes.

Functions and Futures:

Admin and Security

  • Configure Organization
  • Configure multiple branch and their departments
  • Create and Manage user access
  • Create and Maintain Inventory


  • Vendor Management and Rate contract management
  • Purchaser order and workflow management
  • Material Inward and Bill Booking
  • Pending Order List
  • Payable Outstanding list
  • Analytics and alert to be provided to maintain supply chain


  • Customer Management and Rate contact management
  • Order acceptance / Sales Order booking
  • Despatch and Invoice Booking
  • Pending Order List
  • Receivable Outstanding List
  • Analytics and alert to be provided to achieve customer Satisfaction.


  • Manage Daily Production
  • Inter Branch / departmental Inventory movement
  • Stock Adjustment to reconcile the stock with physical stock
  • Minimum Stock level and other analytics available to maintain inventory
  • Stock valuation maintain by the system


  • Configure and maintain Accounting structure
  • Bill to Bill payment and receipt provided
  • Credit Note and Debit Note with Inventory and without Inventory can generated
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial analytics reports available, alert and notification to acknowledge user

Effective and user friendly dashboard, alert and notification available. Best solution to take technological advantage for SMEs. Approval and version of each document is maintain so audit report provided.

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