Our Vision of software development Outsourcing

We can adapt all your software development methodology and cater for every project within your IT project pipeline. During the business, we aim to ensure the smooth flow of your projects while developing a new solution within time and budget. Outsourcing your project, you can access more modern technology without hiring and train a new employee.

What our Service Including

  • New Software Development
  • Support and Enhancement on existing Solution

Both the service has the following components

  • Business Analysis: If we include BA in your outsourcing project, we can either allocate BA from our own or in cooperation with your in-house BA. We designate a business analyst who specializes in the relevant area to interview all stakeholders and processes of the project. Then, we perform all-round of identifying problem statements, requirements gathering, best fit IT solutions. We will prepare project documents once you pick the software solution matches within your budget, and time expectation.
  • Software development process and management: For each project, we perform UI and UX designing, prepare solution architecture, and build business logic, integration, and deployment. We work according to widely accepted methodology like agile and waterfall. Our team is always enthusiastic about new technology and solution-orientated.
  • QA process and management: Either you include QA in your outsourcing project or leave it with your in-house QA team or your QA vendor, we will collaborate with them throughout the project. Our development team does regular unit testing and code reviews. We perform periodic testing within the development process that includes functionality, performance, usability, integration, capability, and security too. We periodically audit our QA process and improve them.
  • Change Management: We can entirely manage all substantial change requests in your project. We discuss changes with all stakeholders, do impact analysis, and prepare CR documents, How the CR will influence your project’s functionality, usability, and other integrated application too. We make sure that each CRs carefully discuss, plan, and implement on time.
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